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Storage Engine

Join our early adopters program today to enjoy the benefits of Speedb Enterprise in your cloud application

Build your cloud application with the world's fastest storage engine

Speedb Cloud is a revolutionary storage engine backed by the latest technology in Speedb Enterprise, allowing:

  • Storing the data on Cloud storage

  • Supports multiple read instances to the same dataset

  • Fault tolerant - support WAL on cloud streaming application such as Kafka Streams 

How Speedb Cloud Works

Speedb Cloud is a revolutionary storage engine backed by the latest technology in Speedb enterprise, allowing for high performance and low latency with large scale datasets. Our cloud native storage engine has unlimited reader nodes, meaning you can distribute the read workload to as many nodes as you'd like. Speedb Cloud is designed to be cloud ready, with features like WAL on Kafka Streams. We are now launching our early adaptors program, so don't miss out on this opportunity and contact us today.



Speedb Enterprise CLoud provides: 

Support multiple Readers

Speedb Cloud supports multiple read only clones that can be running simultaneously to increase the read bandwidth of your application 

Cloud Ready - support WAL on cloud streaming application 

The Write Ahead Log is protected in the cloud 

Stores data on object store

Store the data on public or private cloud service and enjoy data durability and availability


Get to Know Us

Speedb is an embedded key value storage engine that designed for high performance at scale and It's fully compatible with RocksDB.With Speedb Enterprise Cloud Native storage engine you can easily boost your cloud application.Join our beta program today or contact us for more details

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